To promote Self Care and Mental Wellness to Women. Our focus is inner healing and learning to navigate our of mental, emotional and spirituality in a healthy way. 


To encourage and inspire ways to build a better life, a better world, a better you. 


  • We support through groups and resources

  • We encourage through affirmations and literature.

  • We contribute though community service.

  • We promote mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.



I'm Rhonda Tatum


I'm a champion of people, and believer that your big crazy dream is totally possible with the right support system...


hi there!


I’m devoted to helping you grow, heal & love your journey while receiving support along the way.

Being a parent is hard… Even more so if you’re the single parent or the only present parent. I was a single teen mom at 17 yrs old and brought into this world a son who was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia Disease type “SS”.  That was one of the hardest days of my life. The doctors informed me that my son would not live past the age of 5. They encouraged me to stay hopeful as new medical technology was being researched to prolong his life. Teen life and being a single parent was far more difficult than I could've imagined. 

As a young person living in a dysfunctional household and trying to figure out how to love/care for a child without knowing how to love myself was a nightmare. There were days I didn't how I would make it to the next day. 


 Determined to show a strong face to my son each time he suffered the most horrendous pain crisis believe it or not somehow I made it through another day. Each night I watched him close his eyes and once I realized he was sound asleep I would run to the restroom to let out the pain I had been holding in all day. There were times I would fall to my knees crying and praying for God to help me, press a pillow to my face and scream and then compose myself just to do it all over again. The most heartbreaking thing is to see your child in pain, hear them scream your name, pleading for help and being helpless. 


For me I had so many deep rooted issues already buried so deeply. Always feeling inadequate as a daughter, sister, wife and as a Mother. As parents we make it look easy even though we feel like we are dying on the inside. Therefore, I decided to form Build The Bond to promote mental wellness and inner healing to encourage individuals to break cycles of trauma and navigate their mental, emotional and spiritual journey in healthier ways.  When I felt like I had finally found "my work," I then decided to tell others how I got over the trials and obstacles, and what resources helped me do it. To this day, I feel that fire within me, and can't wait to support YOU on your journey!

After joining Build the Bond and getting to know everyone through the groups, I was able to gain the support I needed whether I needed a breather or business advice.

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We make a difference in the lives of people during transitional times in their life. Meeting their physical and emotional needs in order to ease their burden.


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